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Showcasing Potion Tech

Token-bound Story NFTs

Story NFTs are unique derivative assets that are created and owned by the NFT that drinks a CloprBottle filled with StoryPotion.

These Story NFTs are token-bound to the NFT that consumes StoryPotions, ensuring they remain connected even when sold.
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Driving Growth: Business Potion Partnerships

More potions Please!

Clopr's Potion Framework facilitates sustainable growth through strategic business partnerships.

It enables us to deploy customized token-bound assets for NFTs, offering unique tokenomics and a gamified user experience through actions like drink, refill, reveal, and burn.

Each new potion added to Clopr's ecosystem enhances the value of the CloprBottle NFT.
At Clopr, we deliver first. Our first potion is ready....Are you?

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